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Super Fantasy Zone

Published 1992

Super Fantasy Zone (スーパーファンタジーゾーン Sūpā Fantajī Zōn?) was the last addition to the Fantasy Zone series of video games and was released for the Sega Mega Drive. It was originally released in Europe and Japan but, for unknown reasons, not in the United States. However, North America would eventually receive the game in the form of a Virtual Console release on July 21, 2008.

The game is a free moving shoot 'em up, like its side-scrolling predecessors, and essentially has the same core gameplay as the arcade original.

The soundtrack to the game was composed by Naoki Kodaka, but also features themes from the original Fantasy Zone game composed by Hiroshi Kawaguchi.

The game follows Opa-Opa as he fights to avenge the death of his father, (O-papa), who was killed defending the Fantasy Zone against the invading "Dark Menon". Opa-Opa must rid the Fantasy Zone of the minions of the Dark Menon and restore peace.

Opa-Opa must clear the levels by moving through them and shooting down all of the "Enemy Generators". Once every "Enemy Generator" in the level has been destroyed a "Menon Guardian" will appear. These are essentially the bosses of each level. In order to obtain better weapons/equipment, etc., the player needs to collect gold. Gold coins can be collected when an enemy is destroyed. Vast amounts of Gold will also be given when Menon Guardians are defeated.

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